Magazine Recipe

Spice Mingles by Family Circle Magazine

This year spice biscuits seem to be in fashion for Christmas. I caught myself walking through the supermarket the other day looking for the ingredients for the Spice Mingles recipe from a 2008 edition of the Family Circle magazine feeling like I had an original idea. As I was looking at the spices trying to… Continue reading Spice Mingles by Family Circle Magazine

Internet Recipe

Shortbread by Chelsea Sugar

The shortbread by Chelsea Sugar has to be my favourite shortbread recipe! Simple and classic this recipe is the easiest shortbread recipe I have ever made. It takes the hassle out of shortbread¬†(as shortbread recipes can get unnecessarily over complicated)¬†and has enough give to be able to vary slightly, through either adding nuts, dried fruit… Continue reading Shortbread by Chelsea Sugar