Recipe Reviews


This section of Splattered Apron is dedicated to reviews of recipes that I have cooked from a variety of sources such as cookbooks, internet recipes and random printouts. While I could blog about the process of making these recipes and include the recipe I feel like this would be stealing other peoples ideas. While some bloggers or cooks change one ingredient and list the new recipe as ‘adapted by’ this is not the purpose of this section. The recipe itself is still the idea of someone else, someone that understands a lot more about food and cooking than I do, so instead I am just going to write reviews on how I found the cooking experience when making these dishes. That for me means that the full credit is still going to the original author as it should be. We can all make little adjustments to recipes based on our metric system, oven and refrigerator specifications, and for this reason I do not think it would be fair of me to claim a recipe as partially mine when the original idea, or recipe I have cooked from is not.

I do have a section for recipes that I have entirely developed myself, and I am claiming full credit for these and I would appreciate anyone that re-blogs or passes these recipes on to credit the original idea to me. You can see these recipes here.

I really hope this section is helpful for you when you are choosing a meal or snack to cook. I lead a very busy life of full time work, commuting, hobbies and sports. Because of this I love simple recipes that do not take long to prepare during the weekdays, and soothing, satisfying meals I can sink my teeth into in the weekend. If having tips on how to simplify meals, or what to be concerned about when preparing certain dishes sounds like something that will help you then the reviews that I do will be exactly what you are looking for.








Header image out of my Allyson Gofton Recipe Journal