Cookbook Reviews


This section of Splattered Apron will be dedicated to cookbook reviews of cookbooks I own and reader suggestions (if I get any). I do own about 50 cookbooks, so over time I imagine there will be quite a few cookbooks reviews listed here. This of course will be my personal take on how I have found certain recipes in the cookbook and also how I have found the cookbook overall in terms of sections, illustrations etc. Obviously what I look for in a cookbook may differ to what you look for in a cookbook. Offhand I really like cookbooks with different meal sections if they are by a celebrity chef. So if they are limited in one way the review probably won’t be as glowing.

Feel free to have a read through my reviews, and hopefully this will help you decide if you buy that cookbook, or if it will be one you will use at all. Please also make suggestions if you would like me to review a particular cookbook. The comments on this page are open below, so if you have a suggestion then please ask!