This blog came about as I wanted an additional blog to my main travel and environmental blog to chase the world. I had some cooking content on this blog for a while and it wasn’t getting a lot of hits as food was not what that blog was designed for. Wondering how I could still have this content on the endless web universe the idea of Splattered Apron was born.

The idea behind the name for this blog actually comes out of a personal joke, and the frustrations of my partner. For a while when we moved in together we did not own an apron. As his jumpers are also very comfy I would often find myself cooking away in them, and I do have to admit that food splatters did ruin one of them. Now, equipped with an apron I am free to get splatters all over it from our cooking adventures and trying out new recipes.

So armed with an often splattered apron, I hope this blog will help guide you on which recipes to try that won’t fail on you, which cookbooks are great to own and maybe some new skills you can use to redefine your cooking experience!