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Banana Chocolate Brownie by Baking Makes Things Better

I really wanted to make another brownie for snacks at work this week, but we also had bananas that I needed to use up. Banana and chocolate have always been flavours that go well together, and I thought ‘Surely there is a recipe for this online’, and there most certainly was. This recipe is off a fellow food blogger’s website Baking Makes Things Better.

My first impression of the recipe was that there was not a lot of dry ingredients, and it would have been easier if the recipe was in cups, rather than grams. At least if you have a new set of kitchen scales, as I do, you will be able to use them for this recipe. I really enjoyed this recipe, but going forward when I write it into my recipe journal, it will be in cups. There is not enough flour in this recipe. It needs at least another 1/2 cup flour. I didn’t entirely follow the recipe to the letter, but the mixture was much too runny before I even added the eggs. I did use chocolate chips, but they melted into the mixture, and maybe this was why I needed more flour, but it definitely would not have required me to need as much more as I did. Do follow her instructions on what sort of chocolate chips to use, as I did not and that did not work for me.

Most of you will be aware that I made Chelsea Winter’s Triple Chocolate Brownie a couple of weeks ago and absolutely loved it. The brown sugar in this recipe, and smaller amounts of cocoa gave the golden brown, caramel colour I have come to identify to brownies. I did enjoy this aspect, and when cooked, the edges of this brownie caramelise in such a way that you just cannot help yourself from sinking your teeth into another slice. The banana adds another element, something sweet, and something soft. I really do like having the banana in the brownie, and I enjoyed seeing the banana marble across the surface of the cooked brownie. The presence of the banana makes this brownie very moist, which will affect it’s shelf life. I think this sort of brownie would need to be devoured in a few days.


Going forward I think this recipe needs 3/4 c more of flour, which would allow you to add a drizzle of golden syrup which I think would really give you that sickly sweet, caramel taste that I so love in brownies. This recipe takes a lot longer to cook than 30-35 minutes and it took me about 1 hour before the brownie was cooked through, but still a bit soft. It was long enough however that I was able to do all the washing up, fold a load of towels and hung out another load of washing.


A trick for young players, is that if you are trying to line a baking dish, and pour the batter in all by yourself, pegs are the answer. They are not only useful for laundry. They will keep the edges down while your pour the batter in. First push your baking paper into the corners then peg one side down, repeat the pushing your baking paper into the opposite corner and peg. Then pour in batter. Lift pegs off when most of the batter is in the dish.


You can see the recipe at Baking Makes Things Better.


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