Cookbook Review

Easy Week Night Meals by Nadia Lim

20170305_100907Is it for you?

This cookbook suits those that like being able to experiment with new food and new recipes. Most recipes, despite the title, actually have many elements, which not only makes the meals relatively expensive, but also means they do take a while to prepare. There are a lot of fish meals in this recipe book, so if you like new ways of getting your omegas and essential oils then this is the cookbook for you. While there are good ideas for alternative dinners in here, not so much for cooking on a week night if you have a busy schedule.

The Cooking Experience

This cookbook is one of the few I own that has a nutritional guide that sits alongside the recipes which I really like. The recipe list of ingredients is also segregated into each sub-recipe that makes up the entire recipe. This makes these recipes really easy to cook, especially if there are two of you making the dish together as you can divide and conquer. For this reason, this cookbook is the best I have come across yet if you like cooking with your partner, want to make a romantic meal together, or if one of you is supervising a child or having a little person prepare some of the meal with you.


The ingredients aren’t always straight forward. There are a lot of exotic ingredients used such as ground fennel, lemongrass and sumac. These can be harder for the domestic cook to come across and I was lucky that I randomly purchased some ground fennel a while ago to hopefully use one day. This cookbook will diversify your cooking and teach you a few tricks though. You will learn what sumac is. You will learn how to cook with lemongrass, and may finally be able to use that ground fennel.


The recipes are time consuming. From the ingredient list, you know that they will be time consuming. For me, week night meals means simple, easy and recipes I can prepare in less than an hour. I want food from fridge to table as quick as possible. While this cookbook suggests this is what you will get, it doesn’t necessarily deliver that as far as I’m concerned. Out of the three dishes I have made they have taken me and my partner about an hour to cook each. Yes with practice you would get faster, but there are so many recipes out there and I want to be able to cook these once and have them be reflective of the specified cooking times. Regardless, maybe creating meals of the calibre these recipes produce just should take that long?


One of my favourite sections of this recipe book is right at the back, titled ‘Essentials’. This section of her cookbook has recipes for spice rubs, curry pastes, sauces and marinades. Honestly, I just want to make them all, and I am sure that my pantry will soon be overrun by Nadia Lim spice rubs! The Piri Piri Aioli is definitely one I also have my eye on to give a go!



Was it for me?

I do like this cookbook. It has opened me up to some new ingredients, and the recipes feel healthy and are delicious. It is not a good week night cookbook for me as the recipes take too long, and are a bit more complicated than what I want to start cooking at 6.30pm on a week night. The recipes are original though, not the same knock off version of shepherds pie and chocolate chip cookies you see in a lot of cookbooks. Within the first week of owning this cookbook I had made three recipes out of it, so I am pretty happy with it.


Recipes I’ve Tried

  • Baked Lamb Kofta with Tomato Pilaf and Yoghurt Dressing
  • Fish ‘N’  Chips with Smashed Minted Peas
  • Chicken Skewers with Satay Sauce and Coconut Yoghurt Dressing
  • Turkish Spice Rub

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