Cookbook Recipe

Chocolate Button Biscuits by Allyson Gofton

I have had one of Allyson Goftons recipe journals for some time now and still really love using it. The theme is fun, yet simple and the recipes are easy to read. At the beginning of each section there are a few of her own recipes before you get to the blank pages where you can write out your favourite recipes. It is fair to say the ‘sweet treats’ section of this recipe journal is my most utilised section. I thought since I do use this recipe journal regularly it was time to cook one of the recipes. In the interests of time, and lack of energy I thought the Chocolate Button Biscuits recipe seemed doable and not exhaustive.

If you have friends or family that are sensitive to sugar, or butter quantities in baking, you will want to make sure that they do not watch you compile these biscuits. The have a solid cup or sugar, and block of butter. They are not the healthiest biscuit, but because of the high sugar content do come out very crispy and crumbly. I did find that there was nowhere enough flour to compensate for the high amount of softened butter. I think I ended up adding an extra cup of flour, so if you bake this recipe I would suggest adding extra flour (if required) a 1/4 cup measure at a time. Of course, mine was very wet, so I think I just throw in an extra 1/2 cup without having to second guess myself.

These cookies do make around about 50. I did not read this part of the recipe before setting off an my cookie endeavour and basically ended up shouting ’50 cookies!’ across the living room. I just could just imagine how monotonous it would be to place 50 chocolate buttons on 50 biscuits. The batch I made came to 36, although I did make them larger than depicted in the recipe book. While this is fine, as they are very sweet the smaller side does balance the chocolate with the buttery sweetness of the cookie. While I was fine with taking a bit of a plainer biscuit as I ate my way around the rim to the chocolate-y centre, others would have liked the cookie to be smaller so they could get a bite of the chocolate button with every mouthful.


You can view Allyson Gofton’s recipe here. If you own Allyson Gofton’s Recipe Journal the recipe is on page 116.


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