Kitchen Creations

Classic Lemon Slice

Recipe developed by Alanna Marise

Preparation Time: 15 minutes, Refrigeration Time: 1-2 hours

This lemon slice recipe is a relatively common lemon slice that you will find at casual afternoon teas in New Zealand, maybe a bachelorette party or part of the festive Christmas baking that a lot of people do. I have had a copy of this recipe hand-written down for a long time that was passed to me by a family friend and as such I am actually not sure where the recipe originates from.

This is one of the few slices I have made as it is one that I return to time and time again. It is easily versatile with mandarin and orange as well and turns out well using these flavours. Lime works well but can end up being quite strong so needs to be more of a taste as you go if you want to switch the lemon out with lime.


Base –

  • 100 g butter, melted
  • 1/2 can condensed milk
  • 250 g packet wine biscuits

Icing –

  • 2 c icing sugar
  • 75 g butter
  • Juice of 1 lemon


1  Crush biscuits until they resemble fine breadcrumbs. A blender is the best way to do this, blending in burst mode. Alternatively placing biscuits in a snaplock bag and crushing with a rolling pin works well, and surprisingly crushing them in a bowl with a potato masher is quite effective.

2  Combine all base ingredients and mix together until combined. Press into a greased and lined baking tray.


3  For icing mix together the butter and icing sugar, gradually add the lemon juice. Then spread on top of biscuit layer.


4  Cover with cling wrap and then place in refrigerator for 1- 2 hours to set.


Have you tried this out? Be sure to tag me in any and all Instagram posts if you give this a go! (@lana_holla and #splatteredapron) I would love to see how yours turns out!


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