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Strawberry Gin Smash by The Kitchn


I decided I wanted to try out this recipe as gin is one of my favourite liquors, and I love strawberries! I always look forward to summer in New Zealand for all the berries we get, and strawberries are up among my favourites. I have one cookbook dedicated to strawberries, and one to recipes with berries but unfortunately none of them really include cocktails.

20170105_183230So after scrolling through pinterest for fun summery cocktails to try out I stumbled across the Strawberry Gin Smash by The Kitchn and thought I would try it out. I really enjoyed the recipe but my partner was not really a fan, mainly due to his aversion to gin. The cocktail comes out a lot more subtle than a lot of the other cocktails I have tried recently. The strawberries add a fresh flavour, but even after smashing them a little bit it is really hard to taste the strawberries. The lime and gin seem to overpower it. Once the drink sits for about 5 mins the flavours do tend to develop and the drink takes on this gorgeous pink hue as the colours and flavours of the strawberries seep into the drink.

I didn’t get the chance to make a pitcher worth of the drink which was a bit of a disappointment and I will definitely have to do this one day and probably will make quite a bit ahead of time to let the flavours all develop. This is definitely a cocktail I would try again as it is really easy to prepare and fun to drink once the flavours have developed a little bit more. Honestly, making it in a pitcher and then pouring into glasses would probably work out better for this drink then making them individually.


Recipe can be found at The Kitchn and all recipe credit goes to them.

Have you made this? What were your thoughts?


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