Cookbook Review

100 Best Delicious Chocolate

20161127_104153Is it for you?

This recipe book is for the chocolate lover. The complexity of the recipes vary throughout the cookbook so is suitable for any cook or baker. The pie and ice cream recipes are generally a bit more complex, whereas the cookie, muffin and brownie recipes are quite straight forward, easy to follow and generally deliver what you could expect from the recipe wording. A lot of the recipes in this cookbook are understandably very rich. So if you like a more subtle chocolate flavour, or recipes where chocolate is not the dominant flavour you might be better off with a standard baking cookbook.

Cooking Experience

This has to be one of the best illustrated cookbooks that I own, and also one of the cheapest that I have bought. Generally the Love Food cookbooks are quite well priced and tend to be simple and easy to cook from. I do have quite a collection of these cookbooks now. In New Zealand they are easy to pick up from the general book stores such as Whitcoulls, but I am not sure what this would be like overseas. The decorative pages match the rich, decadant recipes within the book. Every page of this book is designed to make your mouth water, to inspire you and to make you dream of sinking your teeth into molten chocolate desserts or bitter dark chocolate ice creams.


There is not a lot of room within the recipes for alterations, diversions or mistakes. For most recipes you will need to follow them to the letter for the dish to work out. This is particularly true for the ice creams, cheesecakes and fridge-set pies. Some of the recipes do use large quantities of chocolate, or specialty sugars. So if you plan on buying this cheaper cookbook, be prepared that baking some of the recipes may cost you a bit of money. Alternatively you could just bake some of the more simple recipes such as the Mocha Walnut Cookies or Chocolate Orange Cookies.


This cookbook is good if you are in the mood for flipping through a cookbook for ideas. Not only is it nice to leaf through and dream of what these recipes would taste and feel like to devour, but the recipes are also very inspirational. The cookie and brownie recipes are unique. They do not tend to be knock-offs of traditional recipes you see in most baking cookbooks. I like this about this cookbook as it gives you recipes that will be a bit more exciting to make, and will make you look like a more diverse and developed baker to your friends and family than you may naturally be.

For us New Zealanders pies are not a big industry. By pies I mean your chocolate pie, pumpkin pie or 8 serving fruit pies. This cookbook has a lot of pie recipes. Once you have flipped past the cakes you start seeing the Mississippi Mud Pie recipe, the Chocolate Chiffon Pie recipe and the Blackberry Chocolate Flan recipe. These recipes while a bit daunting, complex and thought consuming will potentially open up a whole new genre of cooking for you.


Was it for me?

This cookbook is one I used a lot in the past but not so much today. I personally am more of a fan of baking with fruit. While chocolate is great, my sweet tooth has worn off over the years. As some of these recipes have a lot of chocolate, sugar or eggs the recipes can get quite expensive. As we are saving for a house currently money for splurging to create recipes out of this cookbook is just not a priority. When I was little I used to have this dream that everything I baked would incorporate chocolate. I did stick to this for a while and this cookbook came in useful for that, but between work, fitness, trying to eat healthy and trying to save for a house this cookbook of mine is largely un-utillised at the moment. One day when I have more spare time and money (my life dream) I imagine this cookbook will come in a lot more useful to me.

Recipes I’ve Tried

  • Mississippi Mud Pie
  • Chocolate Chip Muffins
  • Marshmallow Muffins
  • Sticky Chocolate Brownies
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Slices
  • Chocolate Scones
  • Real Hot Chocolate

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