About me

Splattered Apron

This blog is intended for food or drink related posts, thoughts or opinions only. It is a secondary blog to to-chase-the-world.net as all my food related posts on that blog were starting to clutter up what it was originally intended for; travel.

To start with this blog will be mostly recipe reviews, posts of recipes I have developed myself (few and far between), and some website and book reviews as well. I am hoping to post in this blog about once a week.

I am in my mid-twenties and run a pretty busy life between full time work, an hour commute each way daily and various hobbies and sport commitments. My recipe reviews and book reviews will obviously be centred off this perspective, likely favouring easy, delicious and freeze-able meals.

I tend to do most of my complicated cooking, or recipe trialing in the weekends. Because of this posts on this blog will likely be up at the start of the work week, once I have had time to write them up and edit and such.

Hope you enjoy this blog, and that it will offer you something and a bit of happiness into your life.

Lana banana!


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