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Chelsea Winter’s Roasted Garlic, Lemon & Rosemary Drumsticks

There were two reasons that I decided to cook this recipe for my partner and I one busy Tuesday night. Firstly I grew up with my mum preparing these delicious apricot, pineapple or peach chicken drumstick meals. My younger brother absolutely loved chicken drumsticks, and for this reason they became integrated into my adolescent life. Secondly, I often find you get stuck in a rut cooking the same old dinners. Your specialties,while keeping you from serving a tasteless meal, can become boring if overused (particularly by your loved ones). With all this in mind on my I decided while doing my routine weekly meal plan that I would try learn a new chicken drumstick recipe. I found this recipe on Chelsea Winter’s websitescrawled the recipe name and ingredients into my meal planner and away I went to the supermarket. 

It is an understatement to say that this meal was A LOT easier to prepare than I was expecting. I have made other chicken drumstick recipes before, but this is by far the easiest, quickest and least stressful chicken drumstick meal to make. On top of this it does not lack on flavour. More importantly this recipe will forgive you if you do not give it your full attention. The amounts, while very well specified by Chelsea to bring a refreshing citrus hit, will still allow for a flavoursome meal with some adjustments. For me, when preparing this meal that came about when I realised we did not actually have a whole lemon at home (after having a surplus of 3 or 4 if the fridge for months prior). The lemon juice I had devotedly defrosted out of the freezer the night before still did the trick, and while I added a bit extra to compensate for the lack of lemon slices, the final dish still tasted divine.

A silent superhero of this meal is the onion. Do not skimp on the onion. When I was cutting the onions into the baking dish, I was watching them fall in thinking ‘God, this is a lot of onion’. It isn’t, it is the perfect amount. The sharp acidity of the onion flavour seeps into the chicken drumstick skins while cooking, and compliments the sharp, fresh flavour of the lemon. The rosemary, for once in it’s life, actually adds a softer taste in this recipe. Please use fresh rosemary, no other form would suit this recipe.

I personally would add a few more garlic cloves if I was going to do this recipe again, as I feel like this flavour gets a little bit lost amongst all the others. A few more garlic cloves, especially along with the good amount of olive oil in the recipe could really infuse the dish and add an extra level of flavour.

We served this alongside steamed green vegetables and roasted potatoes. If this was served with garlic bread it would compensate, and match the garlic in the recipe. Additionally, you could serve this alongside a piece of focaccia bread sprinkled with rosemary and coarse sea salt and the whole meal would go down a treat!

See original recipe by Chelsea Winter here.


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